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Anna is a multifaceted professional coach, mentor and biblical teacher on a mission to help others find their own purpose and path in life.

I believe that excellence is a virtue that resides in everyone.

My commitment is to bring that excellence out, whether it’s in an individual, a non-profit or a company.

“I know exactly how it feels to face obstacles. Perseverance is part of my DNA and is part of yours too. Many a time, we struggle because we don’t know the first step to take on the path to our goals. What’s worse, we often struggle to define our goals.

“Together, we will set goals, create a plan to achieve them, and celebrate each achievement as we complete a goal. I will show you¬—whether in your personal life or your professional life, even in your company or non-profit organization — where the first step on your path to excellence is. We’ll get you from where you are to where you want to be, step-by-step and goal by goal.”


About Annabella

Annabella grew up in a rich multicultual environment, where she quickly learned to communicate with everyone, everywhere. This deepened her understanding of the human condition and fostered her love for humanity.
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What I can do for you

DISC Profiling & Coaching

Everyone is different, however throughout time behaviour has been categorised into four different components. In 1928, Dr William M. Marston identified the concept of DISC. People were grouped according to their active or passive tendencies, forming the four styles:
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D – Dominance
I – Influence
S – Steadiness
C – Compliance

Annabella is fully trained and accredited by The Coaching Academy to conduct DISC profiling – this is key to understanding people’s basic wiring, how they react in a number of setting. This information is vital to improving performance in all relationships. Get in touch if this is of interest.

CPD accredited provider


Life can be full of challenges and confusion. That is why we all need a mentor who can understand our struggles and offer practical support.

Having persevered through hardship herself, Annabella has risen to success and is well-positioned to guide you on your journey to self-empowerment.

Mentoring is based on a relationship of trust and commitment. Whether you’re a young adult, a student or a parent, you’ll learn to develop a healthy mindset to uncover a better you.


A motivational speaker is one who inspires, empowers and instigates change.

Annabella is a powerful story-teller able to capture the hearts and minds of her audience with her presence.

She has a unique voice and a vibrant personality that will keep her listeners engaged, all while she breaks down complex ideas into memorable takeaways.

Regulatory Affairs

With a degree in Pharmacology with Management from King’s College University of London and Postgraduate Diploma in Regulatory Affairs from the University of Wales, Annabella has been working with various organisations that provide regulatory strategy and maintenance services for medicinal products in Europe.

She readily steps into an interim managerial role where she offers flexible support as needed.

Recent Events

Annabella Masterclass

Annabella Masterclass

Annabella Masterclass – October 2019, this is the first company workshop which provided delegates with an introduction to coaching, group coaching session, developing the right mindset for success. ​

Aparito Company 5th Birthday

Aparito Company 5th Birthday

Aparito was founded in 2014 by Dr.Elin Haf Davies. With 20 years of clinical, research and regulatory experience under her belt, Elin was determined to help people with rare diseases get access to treatments that could genuinely improve the quality of their lives. Her...

Joseph Networking Evening – Dew of Blessing Church

Joseph Networking Evening – Dew of Blessing Church

Joseph Networking Event - January 2019. – this networking event was organized by Dew of Blessing Church and brought together Christians from various walks of life. Topics on the evening included Making the most of Linkedin Profiles, Networking and Marketplace Ministry...

"I believe that excellence is a virtue that resides in everyone"



The experience has been very eye opening, fresh and real. The practicality of coaching displayed was stellar and impacting. Elizabeth

Anna's approaach is personalised, so she knowws exactly how to encourage, motivate and stretch you to make sure you reach your career goals, and are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to excel. Her tips and guidance have been valuable from both a professional and personal perspective. I would really recommend anyone looking to get to the next important level in their career to work with Anna - she will push you to get there! Jacqui

Anna's Coaching Session was amazing and insightful. Lessons were applicable both to both my career and personal life. I would definitely be attending again. I am looking forward to the next one. Funmi

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